Communication to Industry

Communication to Industry



Vitafoods - Polyphenols Forum

9th May 2017

B. De ROOS - Addressing inter-individual variation in response to consumption of plant polyphenols


Dr. Victoria Moreno Arribas presented POSITIVe at  NUTRACEUTICALS EUROPE in Madrid SPAIN (February 2016)


Dr. Christos Kontogiorgis presented POSITIVe at DETROP in Thessaloniki Greece (March, 2016).

B. De Roos, Ch. Morand, MT Garcia Conesa. Plant-Based potential: nutritional powerhouse. The World of Food Ingredients, June 2017


INTERVIEW with the New Food Magazine

Baukje de Roos, WG3 leader "Fixing the communication issues between academia, industry and the consumer" (26 June, 2017) 



Presentation of the COST Action POSITIVe in the Newsletter of ANIA (French National Federation of Food and Drink Industry) by C. MORAND (chair)

Interview of C. MORAND (chair) in the 2nd Newsletter of the French National Syndicat of Nutraceuticals (SynaDiet)

Page 5, Issue August 2017

"Successful collaborative projects between researchers and stakeholders working together to develop new healthy foods containing bioactive constituents"

Recorded during the 6th WG meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece) on September 2017

Interview of Pr Zohar Kerem (Hebrew Univsersity of Jerusalem - Israel) by Dr; Baukje de Roos (WG3 leader).




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