STSMs 2018

STSMs 2018

STSMs Call 2018 - List of grantees


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Banu Bayram

University of Health Sciences, Turkey

Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy

Measuring diet:microbiota in the human gut using culture independent molecular methods and metabolite profiling

7 weeks

Georgia-Eirini Deligiannidou

University of Thrace, Greece

University of East Anglia, UK

Data integration to study flavonoid metabolism

10 weeks

Víctor Micó Moreno

IMDEA Food Institute, Spain

Kings College London, UK

Measurement of beer´s polyphenol levels in urine of an interventional study with beer in high cardiovascular risk patients.

5 weeks

Micelle Tassotti

University of Parma, Italy 

Kings College London, UK

Measurement of anthocyanin-derived metabolites in plasma using LC-MS

2 weeks

Marina Nikolic

University of Belgrade, Serbia

University of Parma, Italy

Quality of reported data on inter-individual variations in the effect and bio-availability of plant bioactives:  introducing the quality index and proposing guidelines for complete and accurate reporting

4 weeks

Merve Eda Eker

Ege University, Turkey

Spanish Research Council, Spain

Preparation of a manuscript on the factors affecting inter-individual variability in anthocyanin bioavailability

5 weeks

Manja Zec

University of Belgrade, Serbia

Kings College London, UK

Factors affecting the inter-individual variability in cardiometabolic response to plant food bioactives

6 weeks

Eileen Gibney

UCD Institute of Food and Health,  Dublin, Ireland

Kings College London, UK

Inter-individual variability in cardiometabolic response to plant food bioactives, existing data and future directions

2 weeks

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Bioinformatic analysis of nutrigenomics data of plant food bioactives extracted from the literature

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