Working Group 3

Working Group 3 : From emerging science to applications

Main tasks :

  • Integrate key findings from WG 1&2 and indentify those with greatest interest for translation into applications
  • Determine pertinent research priorities for Europe

Expected concrete outcomes :

  • New paradigm and related methods to stratify individuals according to their ability to respond to plant food bioactives intake
  • Guidelines to consider inter-individual variation in future research
  • Scientific basis for tailored dietary recommendations for stratified population subgroups
  • Scientific basis for development of innovative and healthy foods targeted at large population subgroups
  • Roadmap based on consensus for future innovative initiatives in Europe

Leadership :

Baukje DE Roos


Dr. Baujke DE ROOS

Rowett Institute - United Kingdom

Co leader

Prof. Marina HEINONEN

Univ. Helsinki - Finland


Modification date: 24 May 2023 | Publication date: 14 August 2014 | By: C. Morand/M.T. Garcia-Conesa