STSMs 2015

STSMs Year 1 (2015)

First STSMs Call (2015) - List of grantees


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Scientific Report

Mar Garcia-Aloy

Spain, University of Barcelona, Faculty of Pharmacy

Ireland, Dublin, Institute of Food and Health

Development of guidelines to perform systematic reviews to assess the impact of bioactives on cardiometabolic biomarkers


Dan Zhu

Switzerland, Zurich, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health ETH

Denmark, University of Copenhagen,
 Section for Preventive and Clinical Nutrition

Analysis of the metabolic markers of dietary phytosteryl conjugates in plasma


Marina Nikolic

Serbia, University of Belgrade, Institute for Medical Research

Italy, University of Trento,  Centre for Computational and System Biology

Inter-individual variability in response to plant bioactive on platelet function – DATA ANALYSIS


Elsa Mecha

Portugal, University of Lisbon, Faculty of Pharmacy

Germany, University of Dusseldorf,
 Division of Cardiology, Pulmonology and Vascular Medicine

Identification of metabolites after commum beans consumption by MS: interindividual variation study


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